Links to Resources

*Perhaps you would like to know more about the importance of music education for your child, and for all children.  These sites may be helpful.

* Are you interested in purchasing an instrument? Please talk with your orchestra teacher before purchasing an instrument from the internet. Most elementary school children will outgrow their instruments in six to eight months and need to have a larger instrument to continue their studies. Because of this, rental of the instrument is the prudent course. Also, stringed instruments are notoriously fickle, and need to have the correct dimensions, materials, and adjustments to be able to function and sound beautiful throughout the year.

However, these sites may be helpful for purchasing supplies (rosin, strings, shoulder rests, music stands, etc.) and fun gifts (holiday music books, fancy pencils, charms, music writing paper, etc.) for your young musician, as well as providing advice about purchasing an instrument.

*  Private lessons for your young musician will help them to realize their true potential for music.  In addition to receiving individualized attention, your student will learn to value their own progress and take responsibility for their own practice schedule.  Imagine! Although an elementary lesson group at our KUSD school is small (anywhere from 3 – 7 students), private lessons are still something to consider, or an idea to which you might want to become accustomed.  KUSD middle school ensembles can be quite large and your child may benefit in the future from private lessons.  The Kenosha Orchestra Boosters has a list of private teachers in the area, or contact your KUSD school teacher for a list of teachers, or one of the local music stores may be able to help you with finding a private teacher.

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