How to choose violin, viola or cello?

We know, we know … it’s hard to choose just one instrument!  So why not take the time to watch these short videos and learn about the differences between the stringed instruments?

Learn about the violin!

Learn about the viola!

Learn about the cello!

Learn about the upright bass!


Now that you have learned a little bit about the different instruments in the stringed instrument family, take some more time to watch these longer videos of the same instruments playing music that you may already know!

How about feeling happy on the violin?

Or maybe some uptown funk on the viola?

Check out these five cellists performing Viva La Vida! Wow!

And even though you can’t begin lessons on the upright bass in elementary school, you can begin lessons on the cello, and maybe someday play the upright bass like this!

How about some classical music?  Click here for Pachelbel’s Canon for string quartet!

And, finally, here are some more sophisticated videos about all of the instruments on the Philharmonia Orchestra’s (London, UK) website.