FAQ, 2017 beginning orchestra

FAQ Questions for Beginning Orchestra!



Who should join orchestra?

Any student who is interested in:
● simultaneously working both sides of their brain.

Any student who is interested in improved:

●  responsibility & respect

●  perserverence

●  goal setting

●  organization

●  cooperation

●  listening skills

●  artistic expression

●  leadership

●  teamwork

●  better academics

●  travel / performance opportunities

How much does orchestra cost?

Weekly lessons are FREE.
After school large group rehearsals are FREE. Instrument rental, stand & book, family provides.

Pacetti’s Music will be available to answer rental questions at our May meetings.

May 23rd, at Washington Middle School, 7:00 pm.

May 25th, at Lance Middle School, 7:00 pm.

May 31st, at Reuther High School, 7:0o pm.

What other supplies / costs will there be?

All of the rental instruments should come with all necessary starting supplies.  Appropriate concert attire is a white shirt, with black pants or skirt, black shoes.  There is a $7.00 ticket fee to attend the Orchestra Festival performance.

How much at home practice is recommended?

Establishing a daily routine is more important than the amount of time. A minimum of 15 minutes per day is a good starting point.

The only thing I can play is the radio, how do I help my child?

Encourage, encourage, encourage!! Ask your child to perform for you often! Always be positive!

When do orchestra lessons start?

Summer beginner lessons start on June 20th, 2017.


Fall beginner lessons start during the week of Monday September 11th, 2017.


When should my child bring their instrument to school?

Rental instruments will be delivered to the school and distributed to the students at their first lesson.

Your child will be notified of their lesson day and time by the orchestra director at their elementary school.
Students need to have their instruments and book at school every week on their assigned lesson day.

How much instruction time will my child receive?

  • One FREE 30 minute lesson per week during the school day
  • The opportunity for FREE large group rehearsals will also be offered.

I have some concerns about how my child sounds. Is there something wrong?

  • Be patient! Playing an instrument takes time!
  • Be positive! Practice will pay off!
  • If you think something is wrong with the instrument, contact the teacher to look at it or take it to the shop from which it has been rented. DO NOT attempt to fix it yourself.

KUSD Beginning Orchestra timeline:

  • end of 3rd grade:
    • attend parent meeting
    • obtain instrument
    • summer lessons begin June 20th
    • fall lessons begin the week of September 11th
  • January and February: mandatory large group orchestra rehearsals begin (held after school at the middle schools), in preparation for our first performance, Orchestra Festival. 
  • March 3rd and 4th, 2018: Orchestra Festival performance at Indian Trail HS (morning rehearsal, Saturday evening performance, Sunday afternoon performance).
  • Weekly lessons will continue throughout the remainder of the school year. Students will prepare for advancement to the cadet level, which starts in the summer.


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