About Us

Kenosha Unified School District has a longstanding tradition of excellence in fine arts and has had numerous students and student groups recognized at the local, state, national and international levels. We believe an education that includes the arts is critical to the success of our children, and as such, we are committed to maintaining comprehensive arts programming and curriculum for all students.

Music education begins in elementary school. Students may elect to continue their music education from 6th grade through high school in a variety of offerings including band, choir, and orchestra.  We strongly encourage those students that choose an instrument from the stringed instrument family to play in their school orchestra through high school.

Opportunities to join the orchestra begin with the 5 week summer orchestra program, offered to elementary students the summer after third grade.  Students in the fourth and fifth grade may also join in the summer program.  We also provide an opportunity for students to join at the beginning of fourth or fifth grade.  Information about our most recent recruitment meeting is on the “For Parents” webpage.

3 Responses to About Us

  1. Amy Garcia says:

    Hello, my son who is in 4th grade will be playing the violin. I own a full size violin but he was sized for a 1/2 size. I am considering buying a 1/2 size one for him. I saw some reasonably priced on amazon. Also some of the ones we looked at are different colors. Would this be ok to do as an alternative to renting from Pacetti’s?


  2. Martica Davis says:

    My child brought home information today concerning orchestra, but it only lists string instruments (violin, viola, and cello). Are there opportunities for children to learn other instruments? My child is interested in percussion.


    • Ms. Tercek says:

      Hello, and thank you for leaving a comment on the KUSD Elementary Orchestra website. I am glad to hear of your interest in the percussion family of instruments.
      If your child is in the fourth grade, KUSD offers only instruction for the instruments of the string family (the violin, viola, and cello).
      When your child is in the fifth grade he will be given the opportunity to begin the percussion instruments.
      If your child will eventually be playing the percussion instruments, then we respectfully ask you to please wait until the fifth grade, and then join the band!

      Please let me know if you have any questions!


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